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The basic system is a single stage co-current dryer with rotary or nozzle atomization.
Product discharge can be either 1-point with the exhaust air from the cyclone or bag filter collector, or 2-point from chamber base and collector via a conveying / cooling system.
Used where the powder directly meets the quality specification.
Co-current as well as counter-current mixed-flow can be obtained.
The evaporation rate is the key factor for the required particle size distribution of the product.
The particle size requirement affects the choice of atomization and can also affect the size of the dryer.
Capacity - 10 Kgs. to 2000 Kgs. / Hour.

Clean, simple and very effective method of drying wet cake, powder and even the slurry.
The drying is under vacuum and hence it is possible to dry heat sensitive materials at temperatures well below 100°C without suffering the problem associated with very long drying periods.
Valuable organic solvents can also be conveniently condensed and recovered.
Production rate can be greatly increased.
Minimum labor can be employed.
Over all profitability of an industry can be increased.
Bucket type bottom chamber above ground level
Spray granulation
Pneumatic lifting & locking for product container with retarding chamber
Heating by electricity (upto 120 KG models only), steam / thermic fluid OR diesel oil / LPG gas fired hot air heating systems with stainless steel heat exchangers
Fully automatic bag shaking
Intrinsically safe earthing arrangement
Capacity - 5 Kgs. to 300 Kgs. / Batch
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